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Welcome to The Art of You!

Because it is all about you! 

Learning to listen to the voice of your intuition
over the voice of your ego IS the path for
igniting your inner power, the only REAL power there is!

Ready to step into your power and begin manifesting from the bigger, badder, bolder
part of you? Here are 2 things to get you started!

Listening to the voice of your intuition is the foundation
for creating a life you love!
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Intuition is the direct knowing or an inner knowing without thinking it through. It is the highest part of you and it KNOWS the best path for you to create a life you love!

 You don't need fear to protect you because you have intuition, a much more potent, trustworthy, relaxation inducing compass that can guide you impeccably to your true path. Like courage and optimism, intuition can be cultivated. Learn how!

Find out more about how you can be the hero of your own journey!!

Do you have an idea to make the world a better place, shine a light where there is darkness, provide assistance to the forgotten?

Does this idea wake you up in the middle of the night and interrupt you in the middle of the day? You have everything you need to create the life you dream of but it's not out there somewhere, you carry it with you. Find out more here!

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I believe we are all works in progress.
We never get it done and everything leads to the
next thing. Wanting your big life, makes you vulnerable
but vulnerability is not weakness, in fact as Brené Brown
says in her book, Rising Strong, "It's the most accurate
measure of courage. It's the willingness to show up
without knowing the outcome and when you are willing
to show up, you're going to get your ass kicked." 

I believe who we are when we started this journey is
not who we are now. I believe it takes a big person to
have a big life and that requires all of us to wrestle
with self-esteem and good enough and circumstances
and the hand were dealt.

But I believe that's the Clay and if you stick with it it will
mold you into your best self so you can have your best life.
I would like to help you create your Best Life.