Self mastery is all about simple steps. Here are 3 focused actions to design a life you love! |

These 3 Things are Necessary to 
 Design a Life You Love

Self Mastery doesn't have to be hard, it has to be consistent. Find out 3 things you can do today to begin. 


Self Mastery is all about simple, consistent,
focused actions. Simple steps, simple decisions.

1. Make the decision to begin.
Self Mastery is procured in the same way physical strength is, through EXERCISE.

If you want self mastery you WILL begin listening to your voice first. You WILL resist asking for other people's approval of your decisions. You WILL stop indulging in any kind of negative activities
like gossip or self criticism. 

Designing a life you love requires your 
diligence. Keep your word to yourself. DO NOT tell yourself you are going to do things you know you have no intention of doing. Start small, little victories build momentum. Once you make the decision to be in charge of designing a life you love it will take discipline and focus and consistency. 

Build up to the things you want. The secret to your success lies in many many small steps. Make it manageable. This is how you develop self mastery and take control of your life. Today, decide on one thing you want to change. Then stay with it till it becomes a part of your daily routine. Then go on to the next. Little steps. Little victories!

Do NOT let your mind wander into "what if's" and "should haves." They will steal your life.

2. The very best way to begin the shift is by staying fully present.
Remember, you are a warrior for your Big Life. If you wander into worry, create a  mantra for yourself. I use "I am whole, perfect, powerful and strong." Use mine or create one for yourself using power words.  This will eventually become part of your belief system and then will seep
into your subconscious and become part of your daily routine.

Every choice you made in the past has led you here. Now it's time to become CONSCIOUS of 
the choices you make going forward.
Run your decisions through your body. If you feel expanded, move. If you feel contracted, stop, ask yourself questions like, What am I really afraid of? Break it down till you feel expanded again. Your Big Life lives outside your comfort zone. You WILL have to get comfortable moving in that direction. As you do difficult things your self esteem will build, your vibration will raise and the things you are seeking will be seeking you. If you are really committed to your Big Life, Begin today by making one change, one shift. Baby steps WILL get you all the way up the mountain!

Did you Know Your Mindset Can Determine

Your Success or Failure in Life?

3. Your mindset is one of your biggest barriers to your success.
Mindsets frame the running account that’s taking place in your head.
They guide the whole interpretation process. The fixed mindset creates an internal monologue that is focused on judging: “This means I’m a loser.” “This means I’m a better person than they are.” “This means I’m a bad husband.” “This means my partner is selfish.”

People with a growth mindset are also constantly monitoring what’s going on,
 but their internal monologue
is not about judging themselves and others in this way. Certainly they’re sensitive to positive and negative information, but they’re attuned to its implications for learning and constructive action: "What can I learn from this? How can I improve? How can I help my partner do this better?"

Do you have what it takes to manifest the the life you dream of?

Here is What You Learned!

1. Self Mastery is procured in the same way physical strength is, through EXERCISE.

2. Stay in the present moment where all your power is.

3. Your mindset has more to do with your success than you know.


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Designing a life you love requires you to pay attention to your mindset, beliefs, and subconscious programming. I can help you do this so that you can work WITH the law of attraction and become a master attractor!

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