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The Art of You Online Program

Program includes

The 90 Day Art of You Program:

• 7 Modules/3-4 Lessons per Module

• Enhancements - Workbooks, Cheatsheets and checklists

Slide Decks of All Lesson

Audio and Video File Downloads of All Lessons .


Course Outline

Module 1 - Don't Change, Wake Up!
You have everything you need to design a life you love.
you don't need to change you just need to wake up to your possibility!

Lesson 1 - Mindset -
Your mindset has more to do with your feelings of overwhelm and frustration than your circumstances.

Lesson 2 - The Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind is where you live 90% of the time. It is important to understand your deep feelings
about success and failure and how to re-program your subconscious for real success.

Lesson 3 - Beliefs -
Most of what you believe to be true did not even originate in your brain. They come from your family, your friends,
your institutions. Learning to release limiting beliefs and adopt a more empowering belief system is the beginning
of designing a life you love.

Lesson 4 - Law of Attraction and Energy -
Understanding how the law of attraction and energy work together will assist you in creating your Best Life!

Module 2 - The Combo Platter

Lesson 1 - Get Off the Approval Seeking Hamster Wheel
Learning how to say“yes” when you mean yes and “no” when you mean no and why this benefits everyone around you.

Lesson 2 - The Authentic Self
Authenticity is when our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. It is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.There is no “should” in authentic. Easier said than done right?

Lesson 3 -Choice ad Personal Responsibility
You always have a choice, even if it is just your attitude.

Module 3 - Myths, Magic and the Power of Intuition

Lesson 1 - Myths That Are Mucking Up Your Life
There is just so much information out there interfering with your Big Life

Lesson 2. Big Magic
You need it and you have it

Lesson 3. The Power of Intuition
Listening to your intuition is part of designing a life you love

Module 4 - The Usual Suspects

Lesson 1 - Fear, Limitation
FEAR is boring and not very smart but it will be your constant companion
when designing a life you love. I will show you how to make it your friend

Lesson 2 - Guilt, Anger and Resentment
How to transform and change negative feelings.The real truth about what is holding you back

Lesson 3 - Forgiveness
We all know it's important. I will show you what it is really doing to your life and give you easy strategies for letting go.

Lesson 4 - Perfectionism, Procrastination and Comparison to Others

Module 5- Oh That - Barriers to Success

Lesson 1 - Your Paradigm
You are NOT your circumstances

Lesson 2 -Toxic People, Perception and Judgement of Self and Others
They serve a purpose but it might be time to kick em to the curb

Module 5 - Maintaining Focus

Lesson 1 - Your Best Life
5 ways to determine if your dream is really YOUR dream!

Lesson 2 -Sifting, Sourcing and Selecting
Get organized and focused

Module 6 - Gratitude

Module 7 - The Power of the Mastermind

Lesson 1 - The Myth of doing it all yourself
...And down the rabbit hole you go!

Lesson 2 - The Mastermind Group
Forming and maintaining one

Bonuses Coming!