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taking Out the Trash

Want Off the Approval Seeking Hamster Wheel?You're good and reliable and available and exhausted. You say YES when you mean no and NO when you mean yes. You wonder, “when’s it going to be my turn? When do I get to listen to MY voice follow MY path?” Want off the Approval-Seeking Hamster Wheel?Well, the […]

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When all paths suck…

I know, great advise, right? Simple steps for manifesting like a maniac. 1. Know your desired end result. (watch out for the details, details derail) 2. MOVE! You know what you want, a vehicle. BUT you’ve got your heart set on that 1975 cherry apple red Pacer. Who WOULDN’T want that? So, you put it on your vision board, you […]

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Manifesting like a Maniac!

How to know what you want when you DON'T KNOW what you want. Keep it general. You already know what you want; happiness, loving relationships, notoriety, (be careful with that one, Charles Manson had notoriety) enough money to do exactly as you please. If you keep your dreams general, you shoot past your knowledge base of HOW it […]

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Please Be Selfish!

Please be Selfish!Please stop pretending everyone else’s happiness is more important than yours.Please stop denying your needs so you can take care of others.Please stop perpetuating the myth that to be of service you MUST put everyone before YOU.PLEASE!Do everyone a favor,your family,your friends,the world and take care of you first.Everyone will benefit from your […]

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Every Master Was One a Disaster

Every master was once a disaster!I used to believe that the path to spiritual mastery was about sunshine and unicorns and rainbows but what I discovered was the path to spiritual mastery is populated with demons and darkness and ditches.I thought I must be doing it wrong and so I added guilt and shame and […]

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Thou Shall Not Judge…

Thou Shall Not Judge for Thou Has Fucked Up Too!Judging FEELS like it comes from a place of authority maybe even wisdom, but it actually comes from the lower vibrating emotions of criticism and fear. There is a story behind every person and a reason why they are where they are doing what they are […]

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I’m Not Responsible for What My Face Does…

There is a myth out there that says spiritual people are always peaceful and happy.Well ONE we are all spiritual so that kind of blows that myth but negativity is part of our experience and it’s not going away.Part of your path to higher consciousness is learning how to TRANSFORM negativity. Transforming negativity is just […]

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Dip ShitteryThe Art of Contributing to Your Own Nonsense!We all have it. Some of us have it down to a fine science.But it truly does muck up the works. And if you are going for “Your Big Life.” The one that you came here to create. You will have to start shifting it. or at very […]

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I Still Want to Smack Some People!

I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea. And I still want to smack some people!There is a myth out there that says you need to be happy and peaceful all the time to be spiritual!Of Course You Do. It's part of being human. True spiritual awakening isn’t about getting rid of your negative emotions. […]

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