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3 Ways You Lose Your Joy and How to Regain it!

3 Ways YOU Lose Your Joy and 3 Ways to Get it Back!​ ​ Abigale always felt there was something missing in her life. It seemed she was on a never ending quest for happiness. She felt if she just had the right job, or the right relationship, she would finally be happy. But no […]

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TOO comfortable?  Time to move.Terrified of the next step? Time to take the next step.Want assurances? Too bad.Only way to know if it’s going to work out, is to do it!That’s what the adventure is all about silly!BECOME the fire!If you’re not careful...You’ll turn out ORDINARY!

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Manifesting Like A Maniac Step 1

Step 1 KNOW Your Intended Result.You are a manifesting machine!Here are 3 Simple Steps for Manifesting like a Maniac. 1. Know your intended outcome. I know DUH, but what I am talking about is what will your FEELING state be when you achieve the promotion, red Mercedes, person of your dreams?  Things like happiness, health, wealth, are […]

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Bullshit to Bullshit

Speaking Your Truth IS Your Power!People are calling BULLSHIT to BULLSHIT.Are you feeling it?It’s going on everywhere.Not onlyJUST in the entertainment industry but everywhere. Politics, financial institutions, relationship dynamics...These shifts started happening in1987. This is all about humanity’s ascension, rebirth and shift into the fourth dimension.A fear and control based system cannot exist under such […]

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Manifesting Step 3 ACTION!

Taking Action Summons Resources You Never Knew You Had!After determining your (1)intended outcome,(2) letting go of the HOW, Manifesting like a Maniac requires (3)ACTION! Don't know where to start? Start by creating lists of logical next steps, big and small. The point is, move, whilst keeping a wide berth for magic, serendipity and out-of-the-blue coinicidences. Sometimes knocking […]

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Let Go of the HOW! Step 2.

It’s messing with your magical life and your spectacular results.​The need to micro-manage one’s life, stems from the failure to understand life’s magic.  Wisely defining you dream is YOUR job.HOW they manifest is NOT. By letting go of the HOW, you free up infinite possibilities for the universe to connect you with your intention. Because there are […]

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Resolutions SUCK!

They actually take you further away from your intended goal!Here’s why.TOO MUCH focus on future.NOT ENOUGH focus on present.They usually go something like this;I AM fat, broke unmotivated, and I WANT to be thin, rich and successful.Your CURRENT behaviors are a reflection of your CURRENT identity. What you do now is a mirror image of […]

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Quitter Kitter!That’s the name my ex gave to me when I “quit” him.You could say I have turned it into an art form because I have learned to quit things that no longer serve me.I have learned to say Yes when I mean yes and No when I mean no. I have walked away from […]

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