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If the Path Before You is Clear…

You're probably on someone else's path- Joseph CampbellLosing your way, then finding your way is part of your way. In order to live an authentic life, the life you choose, not other people, your parents, your friends, society, you will have to step onto your own path. This is scary but your Big Life lies […]

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All the Shit…

All the shit in your life is shaping you​If you’re doing it right you’ll feel more expanded, loving and compassionate. If not, you will feel angry, resentful full of fear. The choice is yours. There is information in the pain. If you stay open you will expand As you expand and become more open and aware […]

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Yours for the Asking

The Magic Works Through You!"NOT beside you. NOT around you. NOT for you. THROUGH you. Choose your stage, do your dance, stake your claim." -The Universe“Mans' chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes to his suffering other than his own downstate of consciousness." - Neville GoddardThe problem is we all look at the […]

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Do You Really Want a Five Year Old Running Your Life?

Do you really want a five year old running your life?Most of what you believe to be true about the world was impressed upon you by the age of 5.1. NO MORE adjusting your behavior to suit what others want from you.2. Be Selfish!  Because it is TRULY all about you. And that is the […]

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If you are looking for self mastery you might be on the wrong path

If the path before you is clear, you might be on someone else's path. The path to Self Mastery is a solitary pathThe bad news - everything looks murky, there is no obvious way to proceed. Nothing feels clear, except that you cannot do THAT anymore. But THAT is the thing that got you here. […]

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Self mastery is all about simple steps. Here are 3 focused actions to design a life you love!

These 3 Things are Necessary to  Design a Life You Love Self Mastery doesn't have to be hard, it has to be consistent. Find out 3 things you can do today to begin. 

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The Law of Attraction DOESN’T Work!

The Law of Attraction DOESN"T Work!​​If you understand how the Law of Attraction works You also understand why you are attracting what you are attracting! Most of us are attracting by default because we don’t understand how to work with this law. Most of us areworking against it. We believe we are focusing on what […]

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3 Ways You Lose Your Joy and How to Regain it!

3 Ways YOU Lose Your Joy and 3 Ways to Get it Back!​ ​ Abigale always felt there was something missing in her life. It seemed she was on a never ending quest for happiness. She felt if she just had the right job, or the right relationship, she would finally be happy. But no […]

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Unconditional self love is the core of Self Mastery

To love oneself is the beginning of a life long love affair and self mastery. Self Mastery is all about activating your Inner Power It isn't about what other people want for you, it's about what you want for you. Other people cannot know what is best for you. Only YOU can know. The path to […]

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