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Every Master Was One a Disaster

Every master was once a disaster!

I used to believe that the path to spiritual mastery was about sunshine and unicorns and rainbows but what I discovered was the path to spiritual mastery is populated with demons and darkness and ditches.

I thought I must be doing it wrong and so I added guilt and shame and frustration to the mix. But lately I am beginning to feel that the only way out of the crap is through.

And that meant meeting my personal demons and darkness that show up in the form of judgement and anger and fear. I was under the assumption that in order to lead a spiritual life I needed to eliminate them. But what I discovered was, these are my constant companions along the way to spiritual mastery. These are the usual suspects that show up on the way to a higher vibration.

The object of a spiritual existence is not to get rid of fear but to make peace with it and transform it. By constantly trying to protect ourselves from these emotions we are actually keeping them alive. By allowing them to surface, you will see there are really 2 of you within.

There is one reacting.
And there is one watching the reaction.

This is the doorway out of the lower energies.

There is a part of you that is disturbed and there is a part of you noticing the disturbance. Transforming your negativity is just a matter of differentiating the lower par of you from the higher part of you.It's about staying wake and aware and developing a distance FROM the negativity and our reactions to it

The simple awareness of being aware is what spiritual mastery is all about.
Not hunkering down and hiding from everything that tweaks our fear. Real mastery is about being able to experience the negativity and NOT close down but keep our heart open and let it pass through us.

By becoming fully seated in witness consciousness we are in charge of what dramas we allow ourselves to get sucked into.
We Will get sucked in.
This is a process not a destination.

There’s no such a thing as a life without fear. Life creates situations that push us to our edge, all with the intention of removing what is blocked inside of us. Fear is caused by blocked energy. When our energy is blocked, our heart center becomes weak. When our heart is weak it becomes susceptible to the lower energies.

As You expand and become more open and aware you realize you don’t want all that stuff inside you holding you down, blocking your life force. As you’re living a heart centered life, you’ll notice that the things that used to take you down have little or no power over you.

Your job is to stay open NO MATTER WHAT.As you feel the tightening happening from a lower vibrating emotion, that’s your cue to stay open.
You can do this if you practice, soon it’ll become automatic.

Soon you will Achieve mastery.

So, if you are going through your own personal hell…

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