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What holds you back is actually what sets you free

All the stuff you think is stopping you from moving forward, actually has information for you ABOUT moving forward.

The anger, the resentment the overwhelm, have information for you that will show you where you are stuck When you are just hunkering down and hiding from any situation that could produce these feelings, they actually get bigger.

The goal is to know how to transform them when they show up.

There is THE ONE talking. 
And there is THE ONE observing.

The way to do this is to stay open. Don’t close down. Begin by understanding there are two of you within.​

There is one that is mindlessly chattering about anything and everything and there is one that is observing this chatter. There is part of you that talks constantly as a way to protect itself from what is happening.

Once you begin to practice this type of awareness you will be raising your vibration to the level where your Best Life lives.

When you get distance, you can watch yourself getting angry or overwhelmed or fearful. Then you can decide how to proceed. Your life will take on a higher vibration and by extension you’ll find that you become less likely to go into and then stay in fear. You are in control now. The higher part of you, not the fearful, angry overwhelmed you.

Cultivate the observer within you. This is the doorway out of the lower energies like negativity and anger. Once you become aware of these two distinct parts of you, you will have found the key to freedom from all negativity.

Come to know the one who WATCHES the voice and you will come to know one of the great mysteries of creation .

The bottom line is you will never be free of your problems until you are free from the part of you that has the problems.

Unless you are fully seated in witness consciousness you will get sucked into the dramas of your life.

What holds you down owns you. Is that really what you want?

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