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If the Path Before You is Clear…

You're probably on someone else's path- Joseph Campbell

Losing your way, then finding your way is part of your way.

In order to live an authentic life, the life you choose, not other people, your parents, your friends, society, you will have to step onto your own path. This is scary but your Big Life lies just outside your comfort zone. 

True spiritual awakening isn’t about getting rid of your fear, it's about transcending it.

True spiritual awakening puts you in touch with your fear so it can be healed. The goal in life isn't to get rid of the negative feelings. The goal is to learn how to work with the energy of them. There is information for you within the fear and if you can keep your heart open and NOT shut down when they appear, you will begin to see patterns emerge that keep you trapped. 

Your Big Life lives within you. It's just at a higher vibration. In order to access  it you will need to raise your vibration. The way to do this is by understanding what keeps you trapped at the lower levels. What beliefs are you holding on to that no longer serve you?  Releasing these old belief patterns is he way to the higher vibration. When you can make peace with your fear you will be free. 

This is a journey of passing through where you have struggled not to go.

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Designing a life you love requires you to pay attention to your mindset, beliefs, and subconscious programming. I can help you do this so that you can work WITH the law of attraction and become a master attractor!

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