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I’m such a BITCH!

Creating a life you love is about saying yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. THEY might approve. THEY might not. But if you're living your life on other people's terms it will cost you your life.The life you came here to live. Not the one THEY decided they wanted you to have.

Sometimes the price for that life is leaving relationships. But if you're waiting for the approval from others to be who you are you'll never move, you'll never grow You’ll become a prisoner of your own making.

You'll be living the life that THEY want you to live, not the life that you came here for. It comes down to choice. It’s always about choice because you always have one. It can be scary. But your big life requires you to live outside your comfort zone. Your big life requires you to show up 100 % and part of the price for doing so is speaking your truth.

This can be scary but there is such a thing as living your life without fear. Fear is all about blocked energy. Fear is about closing your heart. When your energy is blocked your heart center becomes weak. When your heart is weak it becomes susceptible to the lower energies like anger and resentment and overwhelm.

If you really want to grow spiritually you will need to get off the approval seeking hamster wheel.If you’re ready, I can help.
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Maybe it's time you stood up for yourself?

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Designing a life you love requires you to pay attention to your mindset, beliefs, and subconscious programming. I can help you do this so that you can work WITH the law of attraction and become a master attractor!

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