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Let Go of the HOW! Step 2.

It’s messing with your magical life and your spectacular results.

The need to micro-manage one’s life, stems from
the failure to understand life’s magic.

Wisely defining you dream is YOUR job.
HOW they manifest is NOT.

By letting go of the HOW, you free up infinite possibilities for the universe to connect you with your intention.
Because there are “Many roads to Rome” so to speak.
While waiting for your dreams to manifest, create a mantra for yourself to keep the "nay saying" side of you focused.

Your mantra could go something like this. “The floodgates of prosperity, fabulous relationships and mind blowing career opportunities have opened. I have never been so healthy, wealthy and happy. Thank you Universal Energy!’

Then, your job is to adjust your priorities as these things show up for you.
Your imagined end result forces your circumstances, especially if it is laced with powerful emotion.

The greater the emotion (feeling) around your intended result, the quicker the manifestation. You know this to be true if you’ve ever been around very passionate, focused people. They literally draw their dreams to them like a moth to a flame.

Your job is to watch your thoughts, watch your language, watch your focus.



Thoughts become things. Whatever you consistently focus on will be delivered to you in the form of experiences and opportunities and people that show up for you.
Think, talk and act ONLY in alignment with what you WANT to show up in your life so
NO COMPLAINING that it hasn't manifested YET!

VERY IMPORTANT. Just because it LOOKS like things aren’t working does NOT mean that they are not. This is life’s greatest hook, You will have to behave in alignment with your dreams not with what your physical senses are showing you.

“Within every CLEARLY defined dream (happiness, wealth, health ) lies the intelligence and the energy to choreograph the entire sequence of events necessary to make it manifest as soon as possible. As you physically move toward the dream, demonstrating both faith and belief, making yourself available to accidents and coincidences, NOT insisting on the HOWS and rolling with what may come.” IS the path for manifesting like a maniac.-Mike Dooley

Here's What You Learned!

1. Strong emotion helps you manifest quicker.

2. Take your hands off the wheel, let the universe deliver the HOW.

3. All your power is in the present moment. BEING the essence of what you want is the most important part of manifesting your dream. 



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