Manifesting Like A Maniac Step 1 |

Step 1 KNOW Your Intended Result.

You are a manifesting machine!

Here are 3 Simple Steps for Manifesting like a Maniac.

1. Know your intended outcome.
I know DUH, but what I am talking about is what will your FEELING state be when you achieve the promotion, red Mercedes, person of your dreams?  Things like happiness, health, wealth, are your intended outcome . Keeping it general allows for "this or something better" scenarios. Let me explain.

I'm going to keep this simple because we all make it way more complicated than it need be.

we ARE manifesting machines. It's what we do everyday and it's our ignorance of HOW we do it that screws it all up.

We are all powerful creators, and the way we create is with

Our thoughts.
Our speech.
Our actions. 
Our focus.

Everything that is part of your life  today was once just a thought.

The car you drive, the house you live in were all just thoughts before they were things.

Even YOU were a twinkle in someone’s eye before you showed up.



In the beginning, keep it general.

Everything you want is because you believe it will make you happier, healthier, more powerful.

If your intended result is more happiness, better health, abundance, prosperity and mind blowing…

THEN, you can let the all knowing universal forces bring those things to you in the form of people, opportunities and events that will be in alignment with it.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

Let’s say your dream is to be a regular on your favorite sitcom.

You get the part, but now it leaves no room for you to be considered for that potential Oscar winning movie role that you are far better suited for.

You might want fame and fortune but your INSISTENCE that it manifest in this way, leaves no room for “this or something better” to show up.

Your sitcom has now become the longest running sitcom in history and you are under contract for the next 20 years.

Choosing your intended outcome to simply fame and fortune is a far better focus and allows for greater opportunities to come to you.

Stay general with your intended focus

Yes, GET into the details, however DO NOT attach to them. This makes room for “this or something better”

Ready for Step 2? 

Here is What You Learned!

1. Keeping your intended result GENERAL allow for "this or      something better" scenarios.

2. You manifest with your thought, your words, your                  actions  and your focus.

3. Get into the details just don't ATTACH to them 



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