My Story |

Hi, my name is Kitt, and I am so glad you are here!

When people ask me what I do, I usually say “I’m a life coach (I know, does it seem like everyone is?) and I help women activate their inner power by paying attention to their energy!

but what I really want to say is this:

I believe happy people make a happy world and helping people get happy is what I am passionate about. I have found that the fastest path to happy is doing what you love. What you came here to do. That's what real service is about. When you do what you love, it affects everyone around you, energetically, and it gives other people around you permission to do what they love. It's contagious.

So, what does energy have to do with it?
Turns out EVERYTHING!  Because everything is energy. High, low, in between. Learning how to mange yours is the key to your happiness!

I am a cat!

I have had 9 lives or more, at least. I’ve been a wife (no more) a mom (still am) an artist, a graphic design business owner, a retail sales manager, an uber driver and now a life coach/course creator/ product designer. I’ve been broke, flush, scraping to get by, blissfully happy and in a corner crying like a baby.

Looking back, every step was important and necessary but while I was in it, not so much. There was a time I felt lost and abandoned and very very confused. But I kept telling myself, if nothing happens to you, there is no story. 

And I love the story!

The good news is I have a fairly adventurous spirit. The bad news is I am very impatient. I am working on the patience part. Let me rephrase that, the universe and I are working on the patience part.

So I’ve gathered some street cred along the way. My favorite part of all of it is the learning, my least favorite part is the needing to lear
n. There was a time I felt like everything was going wrong, or I must have been a pirate in my last life or even in extreme cases. “maybe I died and I just don’t know it yet”
I have a very active imagination!

I have felt invisible and the center of attentionI was sure there was a black cloud just hovering over my head. But I'm learning not to quantify and qualify everything.
“this means this, that means that," 
because I have found I really have no idea just how relevant or ridiculous it all is until I got some distance.  What I thought was good was not necessarily and what I dismissed as irrelevant, became monumental.

I have spent a LOT of time alone over the last 10 years and I have found that I like alone. I also found out I like me. Spending time alone demands you look at who you are and where you came from and it gives you lots of opportunity to be creative.  

What I have leaned is we are all here to enjoy our lives. We are all here to serve and contribute and the very best way we do this is by doing what we love.

Even if  other people don’t approve.

Even if  we have no idea how THAT’S gonna happen.

Even if!

So if you’re still reading,
here are a few fun facts about me.

 LOVE to have fun. It's my number one value and I have designed my whole life from this vantage point. That doesn't always mean that in the pursuit of having fun, that I'm actually having fun, but it is what drives me. I believe that one of our primary purposes for being here is to raise our consciousness because that is where your joy lives.

I love to laugh and do things like climb fences and swim in other peoples pools. I love the beach in winter when there are very few people around and I love to sit on the beach and drink wine and tell stories with my friends.

I love to sit on the railroad tracks behind my house on a beautiful summer night, though the powers that be frown upon it.

I love storms! Winter storms, thunder storms, rain storms, anything involving wind and weather.

I love my kids, now grown and  now my friends and the very best part of my life.

I distrust authority unless it makes sense and rules are just guidelines if they don’t. Im curious and ask a lot of questions appropriate and inappropriate.  

Money is important to me but more as it relates to my freedom. I love beautiful things but I love beautiful experiences more.

I am crazy passionate about energy and consciousness and helping people wake up to their own fabulous potential so they can step on to the path that is uniquely their own. Not one they think they should be on, the one that pulls at their heart strings.

I think I’m funny because I crack myself up. I sometimes believe I could write for Saturday night live. That cracks me up as well. 
There’s a skit!

I love memes and quotes and one of my new favorites is this on by the Sufi poet Rumi.

“You suppose you are the trouble, but you are the cure. You suppose you are the lock on the door, but you are the key that opens it.”

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