Do You Really Want a Five Year Old Running Your Life? |

Do you really want a
five year old running your life?


Most of what you believe to be true about the world
was impressed upon you by the age of 5.

1. NO MORE adjusting your behavior to suit what others want from you.

2. Be Selfish!  Because it is TRULY all about you. And that is the good news. 

If you can master these two simple actions you can then go out and change the world.
But wait... you don’t have to change the world you only have to change YOUR world. And as your world changes, so does the world at large.
As Tolstoy so eloquently puts it. "Everybody thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves."

What do I mean by this?
It's all about the Law of Attraction baby! Or better said the Law of Vibration. Changing your world is merely a matter of changing your expectations and beliefs. Focusing not on what you see (that is from past thinking) but what you WANT to see.
The Wright Brothers saw flight.
Benjamin Franklin saw electricity.
JF Kennedy saw a man on the moon.
Long before these things became physical reality

law of attraction

You cannot cease to vibrate. You are an energy being, sure this mass of skin and bones looks solid but science has long ago proven that we are vibrating levels of energy. You can learn to direct the vibration you put out there.

The good news is the past does not in any way, shape or form dictate the future unless you keep doing that thing you do and focusing on that thing you focus on. What you see now as in REALITY is just the culmination of all your past thoughts.

“Mans' chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes to his suffering other than his own downstate of consciousness." - Neville Goddard

The problem is we all look at the world with a giant chip on our shoulders. All we need to do to change the course of our crummy lives is to get over our grudge against the world, to actively see and expect a different reality.
-Pam Grout, Author of E2

live your big life

When you truly get that you create your own reality by what you focus on then you will truly have the keys to the kingdom. Having said this, it is simple but not easy.  With focus and consistency and yes, discipline you CAN turn this bus around.
I can help you get started. 
You can learn to create a reality you want. You can learn how to fulfill your own needs and stop asking others to do it for you.

Anyone who has ever accomplished anything monumental in this world, understood this principle. And they are no more special than you and me. We are all extensions of light and love and as so it is our birthright to create at whatever level we decide to create at. It is only our limiting belief system that interferes with is principal. It’s not about being good enough and worthy. You are already worthy by definition of who you are. Extensions of light and love.

FOCUS is what it's all about.
As you sew so shall you reap.

focus and discipline

You might believe your beliefs are the end all and be all but what they are is a conglomeration or mish-mash of what other people, institutions, friends and family have impressed upon your brain. You can change your belief system anytime you want. You just have to decide. Most of what you believe to be true was programmed into your brain by the age of five.
Do you really want a five year old running your life?

Learning how to wield the sword of energy is not an intellectual exercise.
It’s not a theory. It’s a practice like ping pong or mastering the scales. 
Yes it will take effort but as you learn to wield this sword of energy you will learn how to direct and control what your life becomes. It is entirely within your power and ability to design the life you love.

As a Dream Builder life coach my primary interest is helping you get focused on what you want to show up and stop talking, noticing, pointing out, blogging about what it is you do not want.

What we see, experience and feel with our five senses always comes from the decision to see, experience and feel it.
Your life is all made up.
All of us are captives of our own story.
 I can help you shape your mind, get rid of limiting beliefs like "I can't" and "that's just not how we do it"  so you can develop a better more empowering story.

Ignore Them. They WILL go Away!

ignore them

The language of the universe is vibration  NOT words!  So when you see something wanted and yell YES to it, you include it into your vibration because you are focusing on it. BUT when you see something unwanted and yell NO to it, you include it into your vibration because you are focusing on it. The trick to getting what you want is to ONLY focus on things you want, and ignore things you do not want. 

The unified field is a force field available to everyone. It is NOT a gift bestowed upon the few. This is the primary lesson that Jesus taught us. You are part of God, Universal Energy. God is within. YOU can perform miracles. To worship Jesus is akin to worshipping Benjamin Franklin because he discovered the principles of electricity. Jesus demonstrated spiritual principles and said “you can do everything I can? Not "worship me."

Stepping into your power is merely a mater of agreeing to do so. Then with consistency, focus and discipline you will begin to see your life transform!

Start today!
"The problem is, you think you have time." -Buddha

Here is What You Learned!

1. The universal energy, God, God Force knows what you         want by your FOCUS, not your Words

2. This energy is available to everyone. You do not have to      be good enough. You are already good enough by virtue      of where you came from, light and love.

3. The past does not determine the future. Your present            reality is merely the culmination of all that you have             focused on before. Change your focus. Change your             reality!

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Designing a life you love requires you to pay attention to your mindset, beliefs, and subconscious programming. I can help you do this so that you can work WITH the law of attraction and become a master attractor!

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