Resolutions SUCK! |

Resolutions SUCK!

They actually take you further away from your intended goal!

Here’s why.
TOO MUCH focus on future.
NOT ENOUGH focus on present.
They usually go something like this;

I AM fat, broke unmotivated, and
I WANT to be thin, rich and successful.
Your CURRENT behaviors are a reflection
of your CURRENT identity.

What you do now is a mirror image of the type of person you believe that you are.

To change your behavior for good,
start BELIEVING NEW THINGS about yourself. Which  really means PRACTICING
New Beliefs about yourself.  

3 simple steps for manifesting.
1. FEEL your outcome NOW. Happiness, health, wealth etc. 
2. Let go go the HOW.
3. Action. Make room for THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER scenarios.

All your power is in the present moment.
Past is gone, future is future.If you really want what you want then you’ll have to
BE it long before youBECOME it.

Not as tricky as you think if you suspend your beliefs.
A strong emotional charge is necessary for making things happen.
The greater the emotion, the quicker the manifestation.

If you’re always WAITING to feel good WHEN you’re thin, rich and successful then you’re in a perpetual holding pattern.
You stay in the WAITING.

The trick is in the BEING.
By the laws of the universe, The law of attraction, things like itself are attracted.
It’s tricky in the beginning. Your outer experiences WILL MATCH your inner dialogue.

The more you practice. the more proficient you become.
All mental strength is procured in the same way physical strength is.
By practice, focus and discipline.
As you FEEL healthy. wealthy and happy things like it will show up. Ideas will occur, chance meetings will happen as you stay in the FEELING state. 

The next step is ACTION.

Get Started with Step 1.

Taking action, summons reserves and puts you in touch with lifes' magic.
You are unreachable by universal energy as you sit on the sidelines.
Within each clearly imagined dream lies the intelligence to choreograph the entire sequence of events.

It’s your job to know the WHAT.
It’s the universes’ job to know the HOW.

Not knowing the HOW doesn’t interfere with the WHAT
It makes way for this or something better scenarios.

So keep your eye on the ball, FEEL your intended outcome and let the universe deliver the play.

If you believe this to be true share it with someone who is struggling!

Here is What You Learned!

1.Know your intended outcome, health wealth, happiness. Stay general.

2. All your power is in the present moment. The key is to Act As If what you want is already here. 

3. Let go of the HOW.

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