5 Part Self Mastery Video Series!

You have everything 
you need to create a
life you love!

This course will show you how to access the part of you that knows!  By letting go of of limiting beliefs, learning how to reprogram your negative subconscious programs so you can work WITH the law of attraction
to create a life you dream of. And you will learn how
 to stop running from your negative beliefs by transcending them!

Finally Rid Yourself of Self Doubt!

How confident you're going to feel as you continue

to invest in yourself and make your self growth
a priority for creating the life you dream of.

Yourself continuing to evolve and expand as

you take control of your life. 

Here is what you get!

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for me?
 Here's how you can apply this to your life in just 5 steps:

Each video lesson builds on the next. 

This is the first step!

Video 1
Mindset & Beliefs
Don't believe everything you think!

Your mindset and beliefs are the basis for creating a life you love. Most of what you believe to be true about who you are and what you can do came from your family, your friends, your institutions and are not even your beliefs. This lesson will show you how to adopt a growth mindset and let go of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and block your success.

>> Why This is Important! >>
Your mindset determines what you focus on and your limiting beliefs can get in the way of your growth.

This is the second step!

Video 2
Subconscious Habits
Who's really running the show?

 Research has proven that over 90% of your life is directed by your subconscious mind.  Most of what you believe to be true about who you are and what you can do, was impressed upon you by the age of five. Your subconscious is the seat of all your habits. 
Through repetition, you will be able to re-program your negative subconscious thought patterns, change the tapes, apply new grooves and in time, replace negative thoughts with empowering new ones

>> Why This is Important! >>
If you want to know what your subconscious beliefs are, just look at your life and the results you are getting!

This is the third step!

Video 3
Law of Attraction
It's all about alignment

The language of the universe is vibration, not words. It’s your focus that determines what you manifest. So when you say YES to something, you include it into your vibration because you are focusing on it. BUT when you yell NO to something, you include it into your vibration, because you are focusing on it. Learn how to get into vibrational alignment in this lesson.

>> Why This is Important! >>
Where you focus is where your energy is. Where your energy is determines the quality of people and opportunities that show up for you!

This is the fourth step!

Video 4
The Usual Suspects
Transcending Negative Emotions

There really is a way to let go of the part of you that sees everything as a problem! There’s a separation between 
you and the anger or you and the jealousy. These lower vibrating emotions are clogging up your energy and blocking your ability to manifest your best life!

>> Why This is Important! >>
Negative emotions are part of being human, but they do not have to control your life if you know how to transcend them.

Video 5
Big Magic
There is Magic in you!

Big Magic is the awareness you are developing of your own personal power. Most people have no idea how powerful they are. The sad truth is most people live their whole lives and never ever discover this. It's because they are looking outside themselves for the answers, but big magic requires you to look inside for your answers, because that's where all your answers are!

>> Why This is Important! >>
Learning how to live your life from your power center is the key to creating the life you love!

Hi, my name is Kitt Depatie.

My 5 Part Self Mastery Video Series will teach you how to activate 
and live from your inner power. The only true power there is!

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What People Are Saying...


When you follow the  Self Mastery Video Series, you are getting a powerhouse of information wrapped in the exact medicine you need to succeed. 

“Kitt Depatie is one of the most uniquely creative people that I know.  She has been the mastermind behind projects that that have energized individuals, groups and the entire community of southwest Michigan. 
Kitt will hold you accountable to manifesting your true purpose in this world.  I completely recommend The Self Mastery Video Program for anyone who has the desire to succeed but is honestly stuck.  Kitt will have you moving and growing in record time.  If you want to move forward, I guarantee Kitt will light your path to manifesting your authentic self and living the life you love.”

Elaine Biskupic - Owner, Being Valued Corporate Training


Following the 5 Part Self Mastery Video Series has made a profound difference in my approach and attitude towards life and work.

​Kitt equipped me with basic tools and skills to implement into my routine so that I can achieve my goals. I learned that I CAN do what I set my mind and intention to and that our thoughts are "just a story we tell ourselves". I find myself coaching my 11 year old son with the same sayings and encouraging phrases that Kitt shared with me. Kitt helped me through a very difficult transition in life and I will be forever grateful for her guidance, wisdom and encouragement."

Suzie Glomski  Gale Realty


I was at a very crucial crossroads when Kitt came back into my life.

 I was feeling the pull of life as a painter but felt tentative about giving up a 20 year career as a director with Mary Kay. Kitt helped me understand the importance of paying attention to that small voice and finding the courage to make the leap, and I have never been happier! 
If you are stuck or tentative or unsure of how to proceed, I would recommend Kitt highly, she
has a way of helping you identify where your blocks are and then a system for helping you
moving through them.

Kathy Fowler Owner Kathy Fowler Inc.

Who is this SERIES for

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    YOU  If you suspect you might hold the keys to your Big Life, but you haven't figured out what is stopping you.
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    YOU  if you want to take back your power.
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    YOU  if you're ready to do the work necessary to attract the life you dream of.
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    YOU  if you are ready to wake up to your own fabulous possibilities.

Who is this SERIES not for

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    YOU if you are NOT ready to take responsibility for why you are where you are.
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    YOU  if you believe you need to be richer, smarter, older, younger, better connected...
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    YOU  if you aren't ready to let go of your anger, your resentment, your jealousy.
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    YOU  if you believe you have to do it all by yourself.

BUT,  if you ARE ready to step into your power,  
here is what you get!

5 Videos packed with the information you need to create from a more powerful center. Companion worksheets and cheatsheets to help you create a plan of action!

Plus these Bonuses!

"You Have A Purpose" Worksheets to help you figure out what your next steps are

1 Set of 50 -60 Second Mindset Shift Cards 

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​Money Back Guarantee


If after watching the videos and filling out all the worksheets and  you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a refund.

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