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I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea. And I still want to smack some people!

There is a myth out there that says you need to be happy and peaceful all the time to be spiritual!

Of Course You Do. It's part of being human.

True spiritual awakening isn’t about getting rid of your negative emotions. It’s about transcending them.The way you do this is to stay open.

If you really want to grow spiritually you’ll realize that keeping your stuff is keeping you trapped. If you let these emotions come up and out you’ll realize that life is surrounding you with people and situations to stimulate your growth and eventually help you to be free.

When your stuff hits. Your anger. Your jealousy, Your resentment, let it go right then. It just gets harder later. You can begin today. Create a mantra for yourself

“I am open to heal what is in front of me.
The way I do this is by staying open awake and aware.”

Notice that YOU that is doing the noticing is different from the YOU who is doing the experiencing. This is what it means to be centered. as long as you are watching it, you are not getting lost in it. As you notice you noticing, you will notice a lightness of being. You feel your energy rises. Nothing is blocking it, you're just letting it go.

You do this by agreeing to let go.

You either let go or you don’t. There is nothing in between. There’s only doing or not doing, everything else is just an exercise in frustration.

When you’re no longer absorbed in your melodrama, you can feel the flow of energy. You don’t get rid of the feelings, you just cease to get DRAWN into them.

Awareness does not fight. Awareness releases!

Once you understand its ok to feel the inner disturbance and AGREE they have no power over you, YOU’RE FREE!

If you let go of this facade you have built, about how everything has to be in order for you to be happy, your thoughts and feelings will become unanchored and will begin passing thru you.

They’ll cease to have the impact they once did. It isn’t about getting rid of your emotions, we are human, it’s part of the grand experience. You cannot know happiness if you do not know sadness. it’s what makes us who we are. The trick is to not let them DEFINE you.

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