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taking Out the Trash

Want Off the Approval Seeking Hamster Wheel?

You're good and reliable and available and exhausted. You say YES when you mean no and NO when you mean yes. You wonder, “when’s it going to be my turn?
When do I get to listen to MY voice follow MY path?”

Want off the Approval-Seeking Hamster Wheel?
Well, the good news is you CAN get off because it was YOU who decided to get on in the first place. It was YOU who decided THEY knew what was best for you.
It was YOU who decided THEY were RIGHT!

Being authentically you means to become the author of your life.
When you are authentically you, you raise your power in the world.Your energy will rise, you will begin attracting a higher caliber (as in quality) of people and opportunities to you.

It’s going to piss people off.
Your family
Your friends.
The girl at the grocery checkout.

Your life isn’t yours if you constantly care what others think about it.
When you DO NOT seek or need approval from others you are at your most powerful.
There is a myth out there that says: “

WRONG, you need to care what YOU think of you.

Letting people take advantage of your good nature is neither virtuous nor honorable nor productive in any way and it interferes with your ability to manifest the life you love. Doing what makes you happy keeps you in vibrational alignment with your Best Life.
Eliminating people and places and events that no longer serve you will help you attract a higher frequency of experiences and opportunities to you.

just to keep us humble.
There are people in therapy needing to get over having known US.

Dump the Dumpables!

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Designing a life you love requires you to pay attention to your mindset, beliefs, and subconscious programming. I can help you do this so that you can work WITH the law of attraction and become a master attractor!

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