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Unconditional self love is the core of Self Mastery

To love oneself is the beginning of a life long love affair and self mastery.

Self Mastery is all about
activating your Inner Power

 It isn't about what other people want for you, it's about what you want for you. Other people cannot know what is best for you. Only YOU can know. The path to self mastery requires you to stop running to others for approval. Sometimes we forget that putting ourself first isn't selfish, but necessary.

When you take care of YOU first, everyone benefits; your family, your friends, the world. Invest in yourself first. The key to self mastery is first acknowledging your worth, once you do you will find it hard to
stay around people who don't.

Self mastery
requires courage to grow up and become who you really are. To listen to your voice and follow your path.  If you don't love yourself first, NO amount of love from others will be enough. Love yourself as much as you want to be loved.

Create the life YOU want!

Once you make the decision to shift into self mastery there will be signs and symbols along the way that are meant for you only. You will need to get comfortable following your intuition. Listening in the silence. When you do, there is an invisible force that comes to your aid. It just takes a willingness to show up in you life, take responsibility for your choices, your actions, your life.   

In the end we only regret
the chances we didn't take

There is a part of you that knows you are meant for more. More passion, more power, more purpose. You are an extension of universal energy and as such you have unlimited power. As you begin to move towards self mastery and your Big Life, it moves towards you. You will have to take to this path as a warrior. You will encounter challenges and tests and adversity. But this adversity will take you beyond the day to day reality and help you get in touch with your TRUE SELF. That part of you that knows that it knows.This is the path back to you!  

Here's What You Learned

Self love is a necessary ingredient for self mastery

When you move, universal energy moves too!

Listening to your intuition is a skill you will need to develop for self mastery

Action Steps to Self Mastery

1. Today, make yourself a priority. Give yourself permission to say yes to you. Self Mastery is the deliberate practice of taking responsibility for your needs and desires by creating your life in a way that honors  them. When you love you, you teach everyone around you how to treat you.
Today do something all by yourself today that makes you happy

2. Today, be open to the inner promptings of the unlimited power within you and listen as it instructs you.
 This voice is very subtle and it takes practice discerning which is the voice of your ego vs your intuition.If you feel expanded, move.If you feel contracted, wait. Growth means change and change involves risk. Today Step from the known to the unknown.

3. Fear is part of this journey. The trick is to feel the fear and do it anyway. As you stay focused on your outcome, you will begin to see fear as just information. Try at all times to keep your thoughts pure and on target. If doubt creeps in, don't let it dominate for long. It is just  the mind fretting. TODAY, develop an attitude that what you have set     in motion will happen.

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