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When all paths suck…

I know, great advise, right?

Simple steps for manifesting like a maniac.

1. Know your desired end result. (watch out for the details, details derail)

2. MOVE!

You know what you want, a vehicle. BUT you’ve got your heart set on that 1975 cherry apple red Pacer. Who WOULDN’T want that?

So, you put it on your vision board, you hunt it down at old junk yards. You talk, dream and blather incessantly on about this “oh so sought after” dream car. But wait, that shiny new red mercedes has your name on it, but lo and behold you walk right past the “once in a lifetime ticket price of $5000” and head straight for the $15000 pacer.


Your details are screwing up your dreams.

With every quality you attach to or insist upon, like, it must be red, it must be from North Dakota, it must show up by year end, you take yourself out of the magic of manifesting, and the possibility of something even MORE magnificent showing up.

And here is why.

Keeping your dreams general; happiness, soul-on-fire relationships, health, wealth and wisdom, allows for universal magic to do its dance. You can have your details, you just can’t insist upon them.

Your job is to know the end desired result. There’s always more than one right answer, path, possibility, partner, or nuance. So, insist upon none.

Consider this, if you knew how to get to your dream, wouldn’t you already be there?

Goals have steps.

Dreams have desired end results.

Letting go of the HOW allows for the WOW!

Sure, keep your vision boards, don’t stop repeating those mantras BUT leave room for “THIS, or something better.In fact, write it on your vision board so as not to forget this tiny but oh so important guideline for manifesting all your wows.

Here is a simple but effective manifesting strategy.

1. understand the end desired result
2. MOVE, ya gotta hoist those sails matey!
3. Have FUN!

NOT your part.
How it gets delivered!

You do your part and let the universe do its part.
You move, it moves.
You stop, it stops. It’s a childs' game,
but a very fun one when you understand the rules.

Eventually you will understand this is how you get things rocking.

Taking action, births clarity. The more YOU do, the more IT does.

You open to more options, you begin a dialogue with universal magic and you are on your way to becoming a manifesting manic.

Better than sitting there contemplating your navel.

“With every single step you invite possibilities, multiply chances, and create probable worlds to love and be loved in that would not otherwise exist. For the energy created and the anticipation aroused, doors start opening. Even doors you didn’t knock on, but that wouldn’t have opened had you not been busy." - Mike Dooley -Playing the Matrix: A Program for Living Deliberately and Creating Consciously

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