You've Got it all Backwards. |

You’ve Got it all Backwards.

Are you under the assumption that in order to lead a happy life you need to eliminate anger, resentment fear?

True spiritual awakening isn’t about getting rid of your fear it’s about transcending it.

True spiritual awakening puts you in touch with your pain so it can be healed. In order to do this you will need to stay present and open to those feelings.

The pain you feel in the form of anger resentment, jealousy is the reason you are stuck. There’s information for you in these feelings and if you can stay open you will grow and expand as you move through them.

How do you stay open? Just don’t shut down. When your stuff hits. Your anger. Your jealousy, Your resentment. Let it go, right then. It just gets harder later. learn to be open create a mantra for yourself;

“I am open to heal what is in front of me. The way I do this is by staying open awake and aware.”

With practice you can learn to stay open trough all of it and the payoff is lightness of being.
Your center of consciousness is way stronger than the energy that is pulling on it.

Life creates situations that push you to your edge. All with the intention of removing what is blocked inside of you. Fear is caused by blocked energy. When your energy is blocked your heart center becomes weak. When your heart is weak it becomes susceptible to the lower energies.

As you expand and become more open and aware you realize you don’t want all that stuff inside you, holding you down, blocking your life force. It doesn’t matter what stimulates it. If you’re not aware, you’ll fall into the trap most people fall into and that is keeping the junk and justifying why.

If you really want to grow spiritually you’ll realize that keeping your stuff is keeping you trapped. If you let these emotions come up and out you’ll realize that life is surrounding you with people and situations to stimulate your growth and eventually help you to be free.

Now doesn't that make you feel better?

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