Welcome to your 5 day jump start for righting a new story.

one that is uniquely you because you didn’t

come here to be at the beck and call of what others want for you. Even well meaning others, your family your friends in some cases your institutions., you came here to be you with all your quirks and gifts and eccentricities. 


When you are being authentically you, you raise your vibration and the vibration of everyone around you.  others up around you.   This is one of the many benefits of stepping into your power. Not so you can control and manipulate others. That’s what outer power is about.   


Inner power, spiritual power is the only real power there is. all else is fleeting. As you learn how to listen to your intuition and your voice you will come into alignment with who you  really are.


Righting your story is abut letting go of limiting beliefs, re programming negative habits created from those beliefs and getting off the approval seeking hamster wheel because as long as you are running to other people for their approval of your choices, your life is not your own!