NO is a complete sentence!

They did not stand up and clap when she told them this,



No, I am doing it my way.

No, I'm not able to do that today, this week, ever.

No, I am setting some healthy boundaries here.

But it had been a long time coming and to be fair, she had trained them. She was the one in her family that everyone could count on to say Yes. To be available, to drop everything for them.
But when she said no, they were shocked. Had they heard her right? Perhaps they should re-phrase the question. But the answer was still no. And even better, it was a simple yet complete NO.

And there were harsh words and accusations.
There was even a time of posterization.
But she was beginning to learn to stand up for herself.
She was beginning to see the value of her path and voice and unique talents and she knew as long as she kept saying yes when she meant no she would never reach HER potential.

Listening to your intuition can make you unpopular but then you have to ask yourself a very simple question. 

Isn't your one and only precious life worth you standing up for?