Stuck in Your Story Webinar

Whose Life Are You Living Anyhow?

In this FREE On-Line Training I 
will show you how to
re-right a story that is in alignment with who you REALLY are!

Creating your Big Life requires you to pay attention to what your current story is. If you feel trapped or stuck it’s because you are out of alignment with who you really are.
In this FREE training you will learn:

  • Where beliefs come from and how to let go of limiting beliefs.

  • How your subconscious programs are interfering with your ability to create a life you love.

  • How your addiction to approval is stealing your energy and how to get off the approval seeking hamster wheel.

  • How choice and responsibility are the path into empowerment so you can create a life YOU love.

  • Myths that are mucking up your life.

  • How the Law of Attraction really works and how most people get it wrong.

  • How to make fear your friend.


Mis-alignment comes in the form of limiting beliefs that you have accepted from other people. Your family, your friends, your institutions. Once you accept a belief to be true it gets stored in your subconscious as your habits, values, motivations and beliefs, and becomes your subconscious programming.

Research has shown that we run our lives 95% of the time from these subconscious programs. Many of these were adopted by us by the time we were 5 when we were young and vulnerable and creating our world view. This becomes your story. And All of it is made up.

In order to re-RIGHT a more empowering story that fits who you really are you will need to become more present to what you are doing. As you tune in to these beliefs, do they make you feel expanded or contracted?

Everything is made of energy. Some beliefs are high energy like, I can do it and I am growing and changing all the time. And some are low frequency like I am not good enough and unable to change.

fI you keep awake and aware to your vibration or frequency you can begin identifying what stays and what goes. Understanding that it takes time to change but with focus, discipline and awareness YOU CAN!


You have a built in guidance system, your feelings, and as you pay attention to them your intuition will guide you. As you tune in to these feelings you will begin to identify what steals your energy and what adds to it. This include people, places and things.

I call them energy vampires and as you practice staying present to what’s going on around you, you WILL  be able to raise your frequency and move away, either physically or energetically from them.

As you raise your frequency you will begin attracting higher vibrating people, places and things to you. And you will be able to let go of your limiting beliefs.

You are powerful! No matter what you've been through. No matter what you may be going through. You have everything you need within you to create a life you love.

And if you feel stuck it is most likely because you are out of alignment with who you really are.

We all have stories. They come from our families and support groups. Our friends, and institutions.

When your story isn’t really your story, but a collection of beliefs that you adopted along the way.

It can be challenging separating who you really are from who others want you to be. I can help you create a new story that is in alignment with who you really are. NOT who others want you to be!








You have an internal guidance system and it's called your intuition. Listening to and following your intuition IS your path to your big life!