The Power of Choice

I was sitting in traffic going over my failed relationships and my inability to jump start may life.


I was adding to the list of reasons and people who I felt were responsible for this mess I was in.

If she would just…
or the market was more…
or they would stop…
And I realized… I was the constant in each and every one of these scenarios.
It began to occur to me that I might just be the catalyst for where I was in my life and it blew me away. 
I could hear someone faintly honking at me, and it took me a minute to understand what had just happened.
I had just had the aha moment of my life and it was not pretty.
But after I got over the shock of MAYBE being responsible for SOME of it,
I realized if I didn’t take care responsibility for all of it I had no power to change.

I cannot say that I like taking responsibility for my actions but I have come to the conclusion that if it is a problem for me than it is my problem.
That has been so liberating and humbling but most of all life changing.

Blaming other people for my problems was like blaming donuts for being fat.