The Power Within

I was exhausted and burnt out and so very very disappointed.


I had been trying for some time, ok, many years, to build a life coaching business. I went to the trainings  I listened to the podcasts and I bought (oh boy did I buy) all of the courses. But I wasn’t listening.I was trying to imitate what other successful entrepreneurs were doing and it just wasn’t working.
So I quit

For 6 months I did nothing. I drove for Uber and that was about all I could handle in my sad sad state of affairs. But then something happened. I read this quote

What if it was all rigged in your favor?

And I began to wonder if it was true. SO I did some serious soul searching and I decided to let go of everything I thought I needed to do and allow Universal Energy to direct me.
I made a commitment to only taking action if I felt it was correct.
I made a decision to run everything through my body and move only if I felt expanded, and to ask more questions if I felt contracted.
I made a decision to feel the fear and move.

I made the decision to lean into my intuition and allow a conversation with source or god or universal energy. And I feel more grounded and more connected to my inner power.
Try it! I feel you will too!  

This is why I am challenging others to do the same. Letting go does not mean giving up or even giving in it means taking the time to listen for guidance. I discovered that the more I listened the more I learned. I found that by opening to the power within and aligning with my inner strength I was activating my spiritual power. The only true power we have.