Thou Shall Not Judge!

They’re  wrong.
You know they’re wrong, they even know
they’re wrong, so why do I have to forgive them?

There is something exquisitely sweet about holding a grudge. The ability to withhold forgiveness and indulge in self-righteous feelings is a heady power. Refusing to forgive doesn't grant us power, it keeps us tied to the event. It keeps us in the story of what they did to us and more importantly it keeps you at a lower vibration.

Forgiving them doe not mean that what they did was ok. It means you are no longer going to hold them accountable for your happiness. It steals your light and it diminishes your power. You do it for you, not them. THEM is just a by product.

Keeping your energy high is necessary for developing your intuition. Your intuition flourishes in a vibration of clarity and peace. and it’s hard to hear clear guidance when your energy is clogged with stories of anger and resentment.

So in the end it is for you, not for them.