Toxic People

“Most women don’t leave what you have,”
she said giving me the once-over.
“Yea, well I would rather live in a closet than stay here.



Toxic people and places and things will steal your life if you let them.
Even if it feels like a secure solution.
Even if it goes against your current belief system.
Even if it ’s gonna cost you friends or family or your job.

Even if!

I was a stay at home mom married to a man who made a great income. I seemingly had it all but that was only the view from the outside. On the inside it was a disaster. I will just say we were a complete mismatch.

So I let my 13 year marriage with 3 little kids in tow because I realized I could not allow my children to learn this was ok. That this is what marriage is and this is what they may have to settle for one day.

I also left because I was becoming toxic. I was becoming that girl who fought with her husband in from of her friends, I knew that the toxicity had gotten so pervasive and there was no WAITING until we got home to have THAT conversation.  It just spilled over and it was causing us friendships. No-one wanted to be part of the Friday night fight with the Rosenhagens.

So I left and yes the grass can be greener if you water it and fertilize it and mow it properly. If you take care of you and create a person who has clear boundaries and expectations for what a healthy relationship is. When you raise your energy and define what you will and will not accept, you will get it.

Law of the Universe. Law of Attraction.

My intuition said RUN and I did and I have never looked back.
Your intuition will never steer you wrong.
It knows what is best for you even if society and your friends and your institutions label you wrong for doing so.